For anyone else who has a trauma history:


Do you find that having experienced trauma (recent or otherwise) has forced you to mature to a point that you have difficulty relating to people in your age range?

Has your trauma made it difficult for you to make friends? And I don’t mean in a lack of trust sense, but rather your trauma experience aging you past your peers’ maturity levels?


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6 thoughts on “For anyone else who has a trauma history:”

  1. Not me personally, but husband definitely. He is ten years younger than me and feels like most people his age (early 30’s) are not as mature as he is, most likely due to lack of life experience. Being a former Marine, he saw and did a lot and most assuredly has PTSD.

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  2. Yes! I don’t know if I actually have PTSD, but I definitely have some symptoms of it.
    Maybe it’s partly my personality, but I have had a hard time relating to people my age since the trauma started. People call me an “old soul.” I have a hard time talking to anyone around my age (16) because they’re so young!

    I think it’s because I sort of dissociate from my whole identity, including my age. Not in a multiple personalities way, but I’ll look in the mirror and think, “That isn’t me.”

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  3. I never had friends my age when I was younger and probably trauma related but I was also an only child. But I was always a little adult. My hubby is 20 years my senior and really neither one of us has friends. Now that I’m in my 40’s it seems that I can relate to people my own age and I’ve always been good with children. So my answer is that I don’t know!!

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  4. I do feel my trauma caused me to have to grow up very quickly at a relatively young age. I don’t know if it kept me from making friends, but the adults around me always told me I was more mature. And when I got older and had my own children, I just (gratefully) thought they were so innocent.

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  5. I left home at 16 to be a dancer,and a lot of my friends are older than I am. I think I was always an old soul but trauma has made it more difficult to have friends my age. The few friends of my own age that I do have are really close to me,however, because they know what I’ve had to go through. X

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